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A child's day at Carla's Childminding is full of fun, the Children are continuously learning through their play whilst being stimulated with age appropriate activities in a safe and secure environment. As a registered childminder it is my duty to ensure that your child meets all the Learning and development requirements set out in EYFS, I work alongside you, as their parents and other childcare professionals if your child attends another childcare setting alongside me.



Please click on the link below for a greater understanding of the EYFS




A typical day at Carla's Childminding includes breakfast on arrival, school run, we then have a free morning where we might go on an outing, toddler group, library or just have a messy morning at home, lunch/naps, play in the afternoon before picking up from school then more fun with some of the school children, dinner & then home time. My weekly routine and plans are not set in stone & I will go by the Children's new interests from home or the weather, this is why I feel that it is important to work alongside the parents and carers.



For the younger children attending throughout the day I write a daily Journal, this is for you to take home every day and read all about what your child has been up to with me.


I also keep a developmental record that on each child where I record observations, photos, the early learning goals that they are reaching and some of their art work, this will be made readily available for you whenever you would like to see it and it will be something for you to keep when your child moves on from me.